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13 Effective Ways To Succeed and Boost your Brand with Social Media Marketing

13 Effective Ways To Succeed and Boost your Brand with Social Media Marketing
Written by Vijay Dehraj

We have promised to our readers to provide the practical ways to succeed and boost your brand with social media marketing and here “13 Effective Ways To Succeed and Boost your Brand with Social Media Marketing” so without spending time let’s start with some Q & A and then will go for ways:

13 Effective Ways To Succeed and Boost your Brand with Social Media Marketing

13 Effective Ways To Succeed and Boost your Brand with Social Media Marketing

13 Effective Ways To Succeed and Boost your Brand with Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is defined as optimization of your traffic, profits, work. Nowadays either you are the small business man or entrepreneur; either you are professional SEO expert or just newbie, you need to go with SMO so that you can drive more traffic and can increase user intention of your blog through this.

Why is SMO required?

If we talk about Google itself, how you describe the changes in algorithm from past few years? If I sum up the recent changes in Google algorithm, they are working on User Signals & social signals of the website for providing ranking in Google. If I see any blog, any product which is successfully giving good results in long term, Most of the cases we find good social marketing behind that. Here is 5-Key Ranking Factor which let you know more about social and user signal.

How to do Social Media Marketing?

Here is full proof guide I am going to provide you today for better optimization of social media and to increase its efficiency especially while doing the same thing:

1. Add Related Hashtags like if you are giving Amazon eBook, then you can use #AmazoneBook and if you are telling about Samsung phone, then you can use the hashtag like #SamsungPhone. It will automatically make your post recognizable to your fans & followers.

2. Build Brand Community for Update Announcement – Using of FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus for building brand community and to announce your updates, you should have a good number of an active follower.

Here is something awesome for you so that your brand becomes more efficient. You can create your brand on your website and can take help from the other social networking sites. To build alternative community on your site, you need to create the on-site option with bonuses and give incentives to engage on your website. For more information, you should have a look at Forrester Report in which they are saying about wasting resources of Facebook & Twitter because of small reach and less engagement with your website.

3. Create FaceBook cover to Promote every event of the site so that when followers come to your page, they able to know your most important announcement of any game, any competition held on your website.

4. Develop YouTube Channel Regularly – first of all, let me tell you nowadays it is quite simple to make a quality explainer video if you were able to create your video. Professional Big Company makes a video for his brand 3 to 4 in the week, and the average duration of the video remains 2 min to 4 min. This matters a lot as it helps in Google Ranking.

5. Fulfill Your Follower Request – Sometimes, people start irritated to see the various things again & again and unable to find what they want from your page. Respond to your followers promptly is another key to get faith in your fans. Always ask for followers demand and try to give the things according to demand and time.

6. Instagram – Other social media were having more power than Facebook Likes & Twitter tweets if you use it in quite an effective strategy. Instagram is having fastest growth on mobile apps and providing more engagement than any other network.

7. Try to combine Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter by sharing and influence them to visit other pages too.

8. Try to minimize negative feedback of your customers and followers by solving their issues.

9. Provide Hero Shot of the offer & Call-to-Action on your page.

10. Optimization of YouTube video is key to boosting up your marketing strategy through social media promotion. If you don’t have the idea about optimization and don’t know how to rank Youtube video in Google, you can check out my one of the best article on “How to Rank Youtube Video Just with On-Page Optimization.”

11. Question on FaceBook/Twitter on any social media websites like “How Impressive this is” and Ask for Review like “What are the changes you want from us” are also good options to promote your online business with SMO.

12. Shorten and Publish your URL is always a good choice because long URL will get an issue with network restriction like Twitter.

13. Use of Trial & Error, Measurement of work and result is last I can say you should go with because you find most valuable small-2 tips while doing promotion which can bring your level to next level.

What should be Tracking Metrics & How to analyze the performance of content is another issue which required serious attention.

You can use Google Analytics for tracking your returns. By leveraging Google’s Nifty Url Builder Tool, you can have in depth performance of content posted on social media. A tool like SqueezeCMM, which simplifies the process by providing multiple URLs for most of the networks at one time, which is already shortened can be used for analyzing your social media promotional methods. Here is full way given on using Google Analytics for Tracking your Blog Visitors.

I hope you liked my article and please comment with your review and feedback so that we can come with better content Again. Also if you have any query you can ask it on our Discussion Forum.

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