Believing in self: miles closer to success

I Believe: Miles Closer to Success
Written by Minakshi

Success : Life can be stumbling on stones or gliding across the rainbow. Life can be falling apart or easing its way on to its destined path. “It is just a matter of Believing”.

You’d think how this relates to the statement above, but on giving a closer look at the writing below, you will get an idea. ‘OFCOURSE’ I will help you.

Your mind and body are connected in an inexplicable manner (At least my opinion is). You think you have a headache; you’ll have it. You think you are feeling feverish; you will feel the same. You think you are weary, you know where I am getting at, don’t you?


All of this roundabout to believing. Finding what you want, will make it happen. Haven’t you read ‘The Secret’ or seen the movie of the same?  If not, heed to my advice. And do it FAST. Procrastinating it will make you fall behind your progress miles back!

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Oh, BELIEVING! That is what I was on. How easily do I stray from the topic? Haha. Believing is the key to success. And by success, I mean your goals. Be it, however, small or big. Let me describe to you what I do when I want to achieve a goal or should I say how I ACHIEVE a goal. There are just THREE natural “ready-bake” levels. And you’re right to GO! 

LEVEL ONE: Think what your goal is.

I know this might sound bizarre. “How could I not see what I need?”. But that is what you need to think.
Separate your needs from your wants. Only then you can

Accomplish level one. After doing so, think about your need (that is your goal) every passing hour. When you wake up, during

Recreational time or before you sleep. Do this every day of the week until and unless you have achieved the goal.


LEVEL TWO: Write about your goal.

IS this too tiresome? This might be old-school, but it IS  effective, even in the 21st century. Write your goal on a piece of paper with a pen and stick it in your freezer or on your T.V. or anything you see the most. This will make the goal stick in your head for 24 hours a day. And ultimately walking you a step closer to your SUCCESS


LEVEL THREE: Achieve your goal.

After completing the above two levels, you’d be ready to achieve your aim. Be positive about it. It will come to you and be open to the opportunities that the life has to offer, and all the things will come your way. Life has a good deal in its store for you. You just have to claim it.

Have you completed all the above levels? See, how easy it was? Just these three steps and you master your mind.


Too easy to be true? I think, give it a try. Nothing to lose there, right?
Start with these three levels to complete your journey to SUCCESS!  

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