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How to Track The Competitor’s SEO Strategy

Analyze Your SEO Competitors
Written by Vijay Dehraj

To beat your competitor on his marks it is important for you to make a study of his SEO tricks and strategy because if you do not know that what the other person is up to you might not be able to compete with him. This is not suggested to you for any filthy purpose, but this will make you learn more about the SEO strategies if you are new, or you can make some counter strategies to make your SEO stronger than them. It will be perfect for you to learn about your competitor’s SEO strategy. And for this purpose, you have to look and inspect their blog or site with the SEO eyes so you will get the real clues for you.

How to Track The Competitor’s SEO Strategy

How to Track The Competitor’s SEO Strategy

Important points are given below to Track The Competitor’s SEO Strategy:

Words in Bold

You need to look out the words that are in bold on their site, as it is an old trick to attract the search engine towards the keywords. These prominent blog words are the keywords that are highlighted to make the readers and search engine attentive towards them and to increase the relativity as well.

Inspect the Words that hold Affiliate Advertising

To compete and beat your competitors it is important for you to know is your competitor has the affiliate advertising in the content or not. It is important to know because this could increase their ranking and traffic as well. If you find any words underlined, highlighted or anchor, then it means these hold up the advertising links.

Mirrored Words

It is important for you to evaluate the mirrored words that are used somewhere in the page title, URL, content and the anchor text as well. If you find some of the consistently used such words, then they are directly referring to the optimization strategy of your competitor.

Check Out the Source Code

Checking out the source code will be very beneficial for you to track down the SEO strategy of the page completely. All you have to do is to press CTRL+U, and the source code for the page will appear. Furthermore, if you push the CTRL+F then a small search bar will be issued at the top of the page that will let you do searches for the following stuff:

Count the Words and Phrases

It is good for you if you copy the content to  web content analysis framework that are available for free to analyze the quality of content. That will let you know that in what consistency the keywords are used by your competitor and how effectively he uses the phrases and other salutation in the content.

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How to Track The Competitor’s SEO Strategy, How to Track The Competitor’s SEO Strategy

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