With more than 1.5 million college students passing out every year, it has become hard and more engaging to stand apart from rest of the college student’s population. In making an imprint in the history of your name,  academics won’t help. To make a step closer to your success destination, here are some options you can go for:  Academics

·      Prioritize your to-do list:
Creating a timetable for your studies is a no-go. Start making your to-do list and get worked up managing it and prioritizing the list from bottom-up. Want to learn Java? Or PHP, Mysql, Perl, Ruby, C, etc. for that matter.
Here are 35 Websites to learn these things.                academics

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·      Join Clubs:

Heard of a dance club or a singing club or a coding club in your college? Just join whatever suits your interest. Holding onto studies won’t help. Interviews need confidence. And from where would you get that? Yes, clubs. Clubs let you hone your skills and develop a sense of judgement and decision making. I guess everybody needs that, right?


·      Want to help kids? :

STANDING APART: Not Just Academics. Empathize with children much? Want to help economically backward children study and assist them to develop their career? Joining organisations like AIESEC these are here to help the kids in every manner possible. This will add up to your Certificates and assist you in your jobs recruitment process.


·      Take part in MUN:

STANDING APART: Not Just Academics. MUN (Model United Nations) has taken an initiative in making an environment similar to the UN (United Nations). This environment helps the student in developing his vocal skill set, failing to gain such will harm your social interaction and group discussion in the interviews.


·      College Fests:

STANDING APART: Not Just Academics. Nothing can beat taking part in your college fests and fests of other colleges. Building decision making and vocal skills are just one part of the opportunities offered. Trust is the major part.


·      Seminars:

STANDING APART: Not Just Academics. Live seminars and webinars are a great way to go for more than just academics. Seminars about Cloud Computing, Java, PHP, Mysql, Pearl, Ruby. IIT and NIT are an excellent source of workshops and webinars. Thousands and thousands of students are opting for them as they are successfully delivering what they have thought of.


·      Training:

Training is an integral part of an engineer’s career. Every student has a way with his or her talent. Finding it and then taking training in it is a way to protect and backup your future Further information.

·      Internships:

      After training, an internship is a way to go. However, what field to opt for is your choice. The better your experience, the better you get an internship at. Try honing and scaling for a better future.  

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