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How To Turn On Dual LEDs In iPhone For Brighter Flashlight

How To Turn On Dual LEDs In iPhone For Brighter Flashlight
Written by Ankush Goel

How To Turn On Dual LEDs In iPhone For Brighter FlashlightApple’s iPhone is one of the most well-known smartphone on the globe. The release of the next-generation iPhone is said to be just around the area, but for now, we have gadgets like the iPhone 5S, 6, 6S, 6S Plus, and the latest one, iPhone SE that are loaded with functions and performance. There’s even some little guidelines and techniques that not a lot of individuals know about, such as fooling the iOS into using dual LEDs that these phones deliver with so that we can use our costly iPhone as a fast and efficient flashlight. Let’s take a look at this little hack.

If you didn’t already know, your contemporary iPhone beginning from the 5s comes prepared with dual LEDs flash – a white-colored LED as well as a ruby shady LED – both of which end into the Real Overall Tone flash which Apple call it as “True Tone Flash“. The iPhone rear cam will choose when is the perfect time to use these in a picture catching scenario, and as far as the flashlight operate on, the phone will only use the white-colored LED. However, if you need an extremely shiny flash light, and your iPhone is all you have, then adhere to these four easy steps to enforce both LEDs to run.

Step 1: Invoke Control Center from the iPhone home screen by swiping upwards with one finger from the bottom of the iPhone display. For the record, Control Center is extremely useful so if you don’t use it, start now.

How To Turn On Dual LEDs In iPhone For Brighter Flashlight

Step 2: Use the quick flashlight toggle button to turn the rear camera LED on, this is the torch-like icon at the bottom left of the Control Center.

Step 3: Now, open the camera by tapping the Quick Camera app icon in Control Center. This will immediately open the Camera app and automatically turn off the LED flash at the same time.

How To Turn On Dual LEDs In iPhone For Brighter Flashlight

Step 4:
Press the home button to exit the Camera app. Immediately open Control Center again and tap the flashlight toggle button again. This time, iOS will invoke both of the embedded Dual LEDs resulting in better and brighter flashlight.

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