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15 Best Twitter Search Tips and Tricks

Best Twitter Search Tips and Tricks
Written by Vijay Dehraj

Twitter Search Tips and Tricks

Twitter Archiver and Twitter Bots application fire every time another tweet is found that match your inquiry question. You can compose basic inquiry inquiries (like #fifa2016) or more unpredictable question (like modi min_retweets:10 filter:news) that utilization one or more Twitter hunt administrators.

Twitter Search Operators

Here’s a complete list of Twitter search operators that can help you perform more accurate searches on Twitter:

All tweets sent by a particular Twitter user

to:Modi -filter:links
Tweets sent to @modi but not containing any links

india elections list:TIME/time-staff
Search for tweets from users who belong to a particular Twitter list min_faves:100
Tweets containing YouTube videos that are favorited by at least 100 users

tsunami min_retweets:10
Tweets that have been retweeted at least 10 times

iPhone6 near:New Delhi within:10mi
Tweets sent by users within the 10 mile radius of New York containing iPhone

#foodrecipe lang:en
Tweets sent in particular language (en = English)

iPhone6 Reviews since:2016-04-01 until:2016-04-09
Tweets sent in a particular time range (may not work with Twitter APIs)

YouTube good OR amazing OR awesome filter:links
Tweets containing YouTube videos that are described as awesome or amazing

#Emma filter:images
Show tweets for a particular hashtag but containing images

Narendera Modi filter:news
Show only tweets that mention a keyword and contain links to news websites

from:john to:peter -RT
Tweets from user @monty that @mention user @jhony but exclude Retweets

family movies filter:safe
Filter tweets containing adult or potentially sensitive content

tornado filter:media
Show tornado tweets containing images or videos

music concert filter:native_video
Show tweets that contain native video (uploaded inside tweet)


The engagement channel inside Tweetdeck surfaces the best tweets and expels the commotion from Twitter list items however the most astounding part is that Twitter has not made this channel accessible outside Tweetdeck. You don’t have it inside the official Twitter application.

You can easily download Tweetdeck Application following these links:

For Window click here

For Mac click here

For Android click here

All things considered, here’s the trap. You can really channel tweets by engagement level on the Twitter site or inside any Twitter application utilizing an undocumented pursuit administrator that Twitter doesn’t need us to think about.

Go to the Twitter seek box, sort any inquiry term and annex the administrator min_retweets:[number] or min_faves:[number] to channel your indexed lists. For example, here’s a specimen inquiry that will just shows tweets indicating the space that have been favorited or retweeted no less than 5 times.

Twitter Search Tips and Tricks  Twitter Search Tips and Tricks

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